Good-bye with bald! What are the five ingredients you want to hold down?

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Do you know of amazing foods that can be farewelled with bald?

Those foods can help prevent hair loss, suppress hair loss, promote new hair growth, block DHT and improve thinning hair in patterns.

You should start eating these vegan and vegetarian foods today to prevent hair loss, stop hair loss and not get bald forever.

Eating these foods will help prevent premature hair loss and balding and help grow faster, fatter and stronger hair.

Pumpkin Seed/Pumpkin Seed Oil

People who regularly consume pumpkin seeds have reported reduced hair loss, and studies have found that pumpkin seed oil is effective in hair growth. Some studies have proven that pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil naturally create wonders in suppressing DHT.

A teaspoon of pumpkin seed oil can be consumed daily, either directly or mixed with salad oil. Alternatively, pumpkin seed oil supplements can be used as a substitute.

Pumpkin seed oil can also be used to massage hair and scalp locally.

Bamboo Tea & Stinging Neasa Tea

If you have a habit of drinking green tea, replace it with bamboo tea or nerasa tea.

Because bamboo tea is rich in silica in addition to antioxidants, it makes hair and nails stronge
r. Neasa, on the other hand, is a natural DHT blocker that can prevent free radical damage to the scalp. Studies show that neasas work like finasterides. However, there are no undesirable side effects.

You can enjoy a refreshing drink while promoting hair growth by soaking a bag of bamboo tea or neasa tea in a cup with hot water.

Reishi Mushrooms

Did you know that the main cause of hair loss is a hormone called DHT?

One study found that reishi mushrooms reduce 5α reductase enzyme activity and reduce DHT levels.

By taking reishi mushrooms into the body in food or in the form of medicines and teas, hair growth can be greatly improved and hair growth can be promoted.

Black Sesame

This forgotten food is really a secret panacea for hair. In Ayurveda, it is very important to eat black sesame for hair growth. Antioxidants in black sesame prevent free radical damage and undo hair loss. Micronutrients such as selenium, copper, melanin, manganese, magnesium and zinc improve hair health. Not only that, but by increasing the production of melanin, it is also possible to prevent premature whitening of the hair.

1 tablespoon black sesame. Roast over low heat without oil, and remove from the stove when the buds come out. Let cool, and take a tablespoon. To eat this every day.

Basil Seeds

Basil seeds are also called Sabja species, Faruda seeds and Tkmaria species in different languages. Basil seeds secrete collagen that helps create new skin and hair cells. Also, the rich protein and mineral profile makes it a unique food for hair growth.

Mix the basil seeds in a teaspoon of water, wait about 15 minutes, soak completely, then take. It can be expected to have a big effect by taking it every day.

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