The easiest way to quit smoking in the world

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You can always stop smoking, so everyone starts smoking.

If you think so, I was forcibly smoking when I first started smoking, so you can always stop it, you should think so.

However, after a long time, it becomes very difficult to quit smoking.

In fact, I found it very easy to quit smoking.

Here’s how I actually succeeded in quitting smoking.

Smoking cessation tips from the failure to quit smoking with e-cigarettes

When I first thought about quitting smoking, I worked on e-cigarettes.

I thought that smoking cessation could be available if e-cigarettes gradually reduced nicotine. It was said that e-cigarettes are not worse for the body than cigarettes because they breathe vapor.

When I actually smoked an e-cigarette, I thought it was doubtful that it was not bad for my body. The reason is that it did not seem to be harmless to the body when returning to the original liquid when returning to room temperature in the lungs because it steamed at a high heat and it sucked into the lungs.

From a non-smoking point of view, e-cigarettes are not very recommended for heavy smokers. This is because e-cigarettes can be smoked any place in a sense, so the number of times they are smoked increases.

Tobacco addiction ⇒ switched to e-cigarette addiction and did not improve at all.

The point here is that tobacco addiction has been stopped.

By changing to e-cigarettes, cigarettes are certainly stopped.

Why can e-cigarettes stop cigarettes?

I think it’s because the process by which e-cigarette vapor enters the lungs is similar to when you’re smoking.

Simply putting a load on my throat and lungs made me feel like I was smoking, and I think I didn’t have to smoke.

The point here is that vaping makes you feel closer to smoking.

My way of quitting smoking

My way to quit smoking is to inhale non-e-cigarettes when I want to smoke.

Inhale steam such as tea and tea with strong aromas

If you want to smoke, you will feel the same as smoking a cigarette by inhaling vapours such as hot tea or tea. 

It is recommended that tea has a strong aroma.

Combined with energy drinks with strong caffeine

By inoculation of caffeine in the morning, the craving for tobacco is weakened, so it is recommended to use energy drinks with strong caffeine together.

I don’t drink coffee.

The combination of coffee and tobacco is not only bad for the body, but also increases the addictiveness of both. Smoking makes you want to drink coffee, and drinking coffee makes you want to smoke. This happens reflexively, so when you stop smoking, you stop drinking coffee.


  • If you want to smoke, inhale the steam of tea and tea through your nose.
  • Stop coffee at the same time as cigarettes.
  • Use energy drinks together
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