Removing blocks

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This is a single block removal. It uses the same type of energy as aura cleanse subliminal. I’ve designed this to work faster than an aura cleans, but again, the body needs time to adapt to this energy as it starts slowly but gradually builds strength to tune in to energy.

Keep in mind that as a block clear, you may feel uncomfortable because certain blocks are only released by letting them go, feeling through them. Depending on what your block is, you may feel negative emotions or physical pain.

You may feel pressure on certain parts of your body; Keep focusing on them until you feel the blocks released (you will feel the pressure suddenly clear and higher vibrational energy begins to flow through that area when it happens). I don’t know what causes the type of blocks, but I believe they are blocks of energy or vibration. If you start to feel pain while doing this, take a break and then work on the block again later when you feel better. Some blocks (generally the most deeply held ones) are as simple as releasing them into layers. In my experience, it is possible to release these types of blocks at once, but it requires a lot of concentration and it is very uncomfortable, so don’t push yourself to do it all at once. Remember that we moved forward, even if it wasn’t fully released at first.

Intended effect

  • Get rid of physical blocks towards your filled results.
  • Clear the blocks of mind for rich results
  • Clear subconscious and conscious blocks towards filled results
  • Clear emotional blocks for rich results
  • Clearing repressed emotions
  • Clear and heal unresolved trauma
  • Clear creative blocks
  • Eliminate the feeling of economic blockage
  • Clears an energetic sense of blockage
  • Clear blocks caused by vibrations
  • Clear restrictive and restrictive beliefs
  • Clear limitations and restrictive thinking
  • Clear edified senses of blockage and beliefs
  • Clear, limited and restrictive thought patterns
  • Clears apparent disorder
  • Clears a rich sense of blockage
  • Eliminate the clogging of past lives
  • Clear cell blocks
  • Eliminate ancestral clogging
  • Clear harmful cell memory (memory of cells and genes that inhibit results)

Listening instructions

Use while meditating for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. Focus on the emotions and physical sensations that have come to mind, feel them, and then release them. I recommend setting aside time to do something that increases your vibrations while clearing blocks, as it can be a heavy/intense experience to deal with these things. Maintain hydration and do not overuse this. Excessive use of this subliminal can cause the removal process of blockages to actually slow down.

I also recommend using Aura Cleanse Subliminal, which clears blocks from your energy field.

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