Why citric acid cures all diseases completely

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notice! "Citric acid" drinking is the starting point of treatment

Today, I would like to introduce the Citric Acid Health Act. Some of you may have already practiced the Citric Acid Health Act, but it doesn't take much money, it's very cheap, and it's a health maintenance and health that anyone, young and old, can easily do, from babies to the elderly, so if you're interested, please
refer to it.

I try to introduce health methods that are basically free and that don't cost much money. Because I don't think health is something you buy with money.
I also think that even if you don't spend money, you can be healthy.
And I don't think we need expensive supplements or drugs (except for a small part).

This is because we think that "great beings" have prepared everything in this world, such as the food we need to live and the plants (wild grasses) and minerals (minerals) that we recover when we become unwell. In addition, the pressing and urgent problem of medical expenses approaching 40 trillion yen per year is very important along with food and energy problems, but each person is "natural to get sick because it is human", "When you get old, you are sick because of aging" I think that this problem of medical expenses will not improve unless you are freed from the "disease spell" of a ridiculous mistake, and change your consciousness to protect your health yourself, and raise

Some people say that health is the greatest social contribution, but I totally like it.

I think that the citric acid health method that I will talk about in the future is one of the natural remedies that have great potential to solve the medical cost problem and become truly healthy.
I think that it can be said that it is "the dispensing of heaven" and "the gift from heaven" which far transcends human wisdom.

By the way, citric acid health method, as you know, citric acid is contained in umeboshi, lemon, vinegar, etc., and it is "the source of sour acidity". In addition, there are two types of citric acid, crystal citric acid and citric oxide, and since crystal citric acid may be hard because it contains a small amount of moisture, citric anetic acid (powder) that does
not contain moisture at all is recommended.

Citric acid can be used in various ways, including drinks, cooking, beauty, bath salts, cleaning, etc., and it is very excellent in terms of safety, so you can use it with confidence.

In addition, it is the price of citric acid, but when I examined it a little on the net, citric anetic acid (powder) which seemed to be the cheapest with good quality was from 1 kg ¥750 (tax and postage included).
This citric anetic acid is a food additive with a purity of 99.5% or more.
Originally, it was like something about ¥2,000, but I think this is really cheap. For example, if you drink about 20g a day, it will be about
50 days, so it is only 15 yen ÷ day for 750 yen or 50 days. It is 450 yen even for one month, and if you buy it in bulk, it will be cheaper, so I think that it is much cheaper than other amazon
mail order products.
*Please refer to nichiga's

The reason why I recommend citric acid is that I have also been seeing countless health effects of citric acid at work. I have told you several times that I am developing and manufacturing drinks and cosmetics, but today I will talk for the first time, but the base of them is actually water (it is closer
to saying extract).

However, even if it is said water, of course, it is a citric acid-like water made by naturally fermenting 30 kinds of natural seaweed, and it is "organic acid water" that contains other various organic acids.
Therefore, PH is about 3, and it is strongly acidic, but when absorbed into the body, it turns into alkaline, which is good for the body. It is the same alkaline food as umeboshi, vinegar, and citric acid.
In addition, it is strongly acidic, but since it has a buffering force called "buffer action", it has a feature that it does not affect the body or skin with acid at all.

This "organic acid water" is made using exactly the same manufacturing method (old brewing method) as miso and soy sauce, which have been transmitted in Japan since ancient times, and is approved for safety and licensed as soft drinks, but if this water is called "fermented water".

If you tell me some of the experience examples I have seen of drinking this citric acid-like "fermented water", I can see surprise phenomena such as the body's body pops as soon as you drink, the tummy sounds gluggy, very hungry, pee well out, and if you drink continuously, liver disease, kidney disease, hypertension, atopic disease, rheumatism, thyroid dysfunction, menopause, coldness, hypothermia, I have heard many voices that I have become healthy and healthy, such as recovering from fatigue and strengthening my energy.

It is worth noting that when my mother got cancer three years ago, she was cured with natural remedies centered on this citric acid-like "fermented water". Of course, it goes not to mention that we changed the rice of the main food into a brown rice diet and combined several things such as minerals and biwa seeds.

Basically, citric acid therapy, which is in line with the functionality of our fermented water, is expected to have the same effect. By utilizing citric acid that can be easily used at low cost, not only maintenance and promoting health, but also those who are worried about fatigue, stress, poor physical condition, chronic diseases, etc., Dr. Saiki uses it for patients to achieve results in various disease treatments, and it is strongly recommended that "citric acid internal use is the starting point of treatment", so if you are interested, please
try it once.

In Dr. Saiki's sentence, in the place where 0 citric acid cuts off the vicious cycle 、、、 "… citric acid works as acid up to the stomach, is neutralated by baking soda secreted from the intestine when it comes down from the stomach to the intestine, and becomes soda citrate (alkaline)…", but
more accurately … ⇓ Acid until it reaches the stomach, but when it enters the duodenum, a strong alkaline baking soda from the pancreas
turns it into a
sodium citrate and becomes alkaline. I will correct it.
In addition, I will refuse in advance that I changed Dr. Saiki's sentences to be easier to read and easier to read.

My Thoughts on Citric Acid –
Internal Use of Citric Acid is the Starting Point of Treatment – Dr. Shiro Saiki

1. Meeting Mr. Masamatsu Nagata I retired from NTT four years ago, but three years before I retired, I met Professor Nagata's book "Vinegar is God" on a chance occasion, and I was deeply impressed that many people have overcome
ine difficulties with citric acid.

2. Internal use of citric acid is the right
treatment, so I purchased citric acid from Dr. Nagata myself and let the patient drink it for free. Everyone who drank was very
well. After I knew about citric acid therapy, I became involved in citric acid, and immediately after I retired, I received two answers when
Dr. Nagata asked me to become a part-time physician at the Better Life Club.

Come to think of it, it was a big turning point for me to come across citric acid.
I was taught that what I had always thought for granted was that it was a mistake to think so. For example, the elderly are more likely to be sick, and it is a natural providence that it does not heal, and it is unavoidable
and it gave up from the beginning.

And I really thank you for the wonderful fact that the path of treatment has opened up with a new therapy that I did not think at all called citric acid internal use therapy.

And I feel that I have come to understand in my own way why citric acid works, why it is a disease, and how to drink citric acid, based on what I have experienced in the past seven years, what I have gained through study, and many stories.
So I want to explain that to you.

3. The cause of the disease is the acidic
constitution, there are countless diseases, and each one has its own cause.
In addition, there are causes for each of them. In this way, the cause of the cause is much more connected, but it is thought that all causes also start from one big cause that all medical conditions are
improved by drinking citric acid.

And I think the cause is the acidic constitution.
The normal constitution is alkaline. What turns its normal alkalinity acidic is tiredness.
Therefore, I think that it is the truth that "tiredness is the source of all diseases".

〇The tiredness explains why
tiredness is caused by accumulating garbage in the cell, why tiredness changes the constitution to acidity, and why the acidic constitution causes all diseases.

First of all, human beings work to live every day, but their energy is created by citric acid cycle in the body. Energy can only be created in the future.
The more intense the labor, the more intensely this cycle rotates. Then, it eventually becomes a scorching glucose acid while repeating metabolism one after another, which is taken into oxalo acetic acid and enters the citric acid cycle to create energy. It is important to note that until it becomes a scorching grape acid, it may be without oxygen, but in order for the scorched vitic acid to be taken into oxaloa acetic acid, oxygen and
vitamin B1 are required, especially oxygen.

The citric acid cycle rotates violently when working, but oxygen supply may not be available in time. Then, the scorching glucose does not get taken up by oxaloa acetic acid, it becomes L lactic acid, and accumulates in the cell.
I call it garbage, which accumulates one after another.
This appears to be tired.

〇The difference between L lactic acid and D
lactic acid Lactic acid in general is called D lactic acid, and the component is the same as L lactic acid, but the structure is a little different.
And the work is completely different.
L lactic acid is also called meat lactic acid, and think of it as something completely different from D lactic acid.

〇 Citric acid cycle cleans garbage
Tiredness is a warning from the body that garbage is accumulating in the cells of the body.
So when you take a rest, the citric acid cycle takes place to clean the garbage.

Since the oxygen supply is sufficient when resting, oxaloacetic acid absorbs the scorching vitic acid→ and the L lactic acid accumulated becomes a scorching utic acid→ it is also taken into oxaloacetic acid, it becomes citric acid and is burned while turning the citric acid cycle→ and L lactic acid is burned one after another and disappears. Then the fatigue disappears.

In addition, it is discharged into the blood to quickly erase the garbage accumulated in the cell.
Naturally, the blood becomes lactic acid acid, but it is excreted from the kidneys, and fatigue recovers quickly.

Young people have a vigorous citric acid cycle, and their excretion capacity is vigorous, so fatigue recovery is fast, but when it comes to the elderly and sick, the momentum of the citric acid cycle is weak, so how to burn garbage is much less.

In addition, since it is necessary to make energy as long as you live, garbage is made by all means, so it will be made on the other hand while burning, and garbage will not decrease easily.
On the other hand, since the excretion ability is also decreasing, L lactic acid in the blood does not decrease easily. Therefore, the state of the constitution of lactic acid acid will continue for a long time.

4. The first step in treatment is to supply enough blood to the damaged area.

When the blood is inclined to acidic with lactic acid, the viscosity of the blood increases. Therefore, it will be sticky blood.

When this is the case, the resistance of peripheral blood vessels increases.
Peripheral blood vessels are only large e-sized to see if one red blood cell can pass at last.
The thinner blood vessels work in the erythrocyte form, change the red blood cells into various shapes, and somehow pass through them.

When the resistance of peripheral blood vessels increases, it is not possible to pass smoothly, and naturally the rate of passage of red blood cells through the blood vessels slows down. Then, the oxygen that the red blood cell gives to the tissue is naturally insufficient. Therefore, the oxygen supply to the cell tissue is insufficient.

The lack of oxygen supply to tissues means that, as I mentioned earlier, charred utic acid is not taken into oxaloa acetic acid and garbage is made.
Therefore, the accumulation of → becomes a vicious → of →, blood circulation →, and lack of oxygen supply. Diseases → lack of →, thickening of → tissues→ and → diseases

This will always make your body more tired and very cold.
In other words, resistance and natural healing power will decrease.
If such a state continues well, various insads come out before long.
I think that it is a symptom of the disease.

I think that it is a body which actually fall into this vicious circle when everyone feels that it will see it in the hospital and the clinic because the condition of the body is bad. Therefore, the first step of treatment should be to break this vicious cycle, and I think that treatment cannot be done without
it, and it is not effective again.
And now I have no choice but to do it myself. That is the internal use of citric acid.

〇 Citric acid cuts off the vicious circle

When citric acid says why this vicious circle can be cut off, citric acid first works as an acid up to the stomach. It is neutralated by baking soda secreted from the intestine when it enters the intestine from the stomach, and it becomes soda citrate and is absorbed from the intestine to the body.
Sodium citrate absorbed into the body is absorbed by each cell through the whole body in the bloodstream as it is. Sodium citrate absorbed by cells immediately becomes citric acid due to oxygen, some
become oxaloa acetic acid, and others automatically turn the citric acid cycle.

Citric acid, which becomes oxaloa acetic acid, is taken in with scorching vitic acid and becomes citric acid, which turnes the citric acid cycle.
When scorched vitic acid is taken in, a part of the accumulated L lactic acid is scorched vitic acid.
It is also taken into oxaloa acetic acid, which becomes citric acid and turnes the citric acid cycle.
Thus, L lactic acid (garbage) enters the citric acid cycle one after another and is burned, and L lactic acid will disappear before long.

If the dripping of garbage (L lactic acid) disappears, the body fluid and blood that have become acidic return to normal weak alkalinity, and the blood is also improved, so the lack of oxygen supply is also improved, and the vicious cycle will be cut off.

〇Sodium citrate allows blood transfusions Another
thing to note here is about sodium citrate.
For transfusions that you all know, be sure to add 2 ml of sodium citrate.
Otherwise, the blood will clot and blood transfusion will not be possible.
Adding sodium citrate to this will make blood flowing very easily and allow blood transfusions.
When sodium citrate is absorbed from the intestines and enters the blood, it naturally means that the blood is prone to flow.
Until now, the blood that has been sticky due to acidity of lactic acid turns into smooth, flowing blood.

When blood becomes very easy to flow, the state of blood insufficiency of this vicious cycle improves.
This improves the lack of oxygen supply to the tissues, which results in much less accumulation of garbage and the more it promotes the burning of garbage.
As you can see from this, drinking citric acid will break this vicious cycle.

〇In order to break the vicious cycle, the
citric acid internal use that is taken every 2 hours cuts off the vicious circle, but the condition lasts only about 2 hours. Therefore, if you drink three times a day, you can break this vicious circle for only 6 hours a day, but for the next 18 hours
you will repeat the vicious circle.

If you take this six times a day, if you take it 12 hours or eight times, you will continue to break the vicious cycle for 16 hours (every 2 hours). Therefore, it is natural to think that the longer the time to break the vicious circle, the greater the effect and the sooner it appears. In fact, there are many people who have seen the improvement of the condition by making the person who hardly recognizes the effect by the method of taking 3 times a day at 5 g at a time by making the amount of the dose
half that, and taking it six times a day instead.

I recommend that people with medical conditions drink at least 6 times a day because the amount of one time may be about 2 g.
Sometimes I recommend drinking 8-9 times a day every 2 hours, and let it last for a month.
Therefore, I am convinced that most people will be able to realize the improvement of the condition as much as possible.

5. Citric acid restores weakened natural healing power

The human body does its best when the constitution is normal and weakly alkaline.
This also indicates that it is when the natural healing power is strongest. When a vicious cycle is repeated in an acidic constitution, blood and oxygen are not supplied as much as necessary, so the body's cells cannot do their original
work, and the way of working decreases.
This means a decrease in natural healing power, resistance.
That's why I think the symptoms of disease appear.

The treatment of the disease is originally the one that the natural healing power that I have heals.
Doctors and medicines can be said to help heal their own diseases by their natural healing powers.
All of the treatments that doctors perform are expected to be natural healing powers, so people without natural healing powers do not have hands or feet.
For example, elderly people with diabetes are hesitant to undergo surgery because they are not cured after surgery. In other words, the wound does not fill.

The purpose of my work is to restore the weakened natural healing power by drinking citric acid, and that is the purpose of drinking it.
I believe that the reason why modern medical care is used for chronic diseases is because it does not take the basic measures.
Therefore, you should understand this well and strive to clean the garbage in your body. I think that you may have a comfortable feeling that it is possible to manage after as long as it cleans garbage hard.

〇 Citric acid improves the flow
of blood In short, it can be affirmed that the basis of the treatment is to improve the flow of blood and to send blood and oxygen sufficiently to tissue cells that are damaged and incongruated.

If blood is supplied sufficiently, nutrients and oxygen contained in it will also be sufficiently supplied, and naturally weakened cells will also be energized. When the cells of the whole body become healthy, the whole body cells fulfill 100% of the mission given to them, which means
that their natural healing powers are restored.
This natural healing power heals the disease.

Citric acid therapy is a true "causal therapy" that improves blood flow through the whole body by drinking citric acid, restores natural healing power by cleaning the whole body's cells, and heals the disease with that power.

6. Effective way to drink
citric acid How to drink citric acid can be any way of drinking it.
The effect does not change at all even if I add a sweetener to juice and drink it deliciously.

If you feel a rash, heart cancer, stomach pain, etc. while drinking, it will always disappear if you take the time and continue drinking half or less.
After that, I think that it is good to increase it little by little.

〇 How to drink a person
with a weak stomach There seem to be a lot of people who feel heartache, nausea, and abdominal pain even if they drink a little, but at first it starts with a very small amount (it may be less than 0,5 g), or it increases little by little as you get used to it, or it is made into a solution and added baking soda to this, and if you drink it, you can drink it gently to the stomach.

Some people seem to worry that baking soda is not good for the stomach, but in this case baking soda is used all to erase the acid of citric acid, so there is no effect on the stomach at all. The one made by adding baking soda is sodium citrate, but since citric acid originally becomes citric acid soda in the body, the effect of internal use of citric acid does not change at all because it is only made and drank outside the body

〇 How to drink people
who are worried about teeth and bones It seems that it is often said by others that it is better not to drink because the bone becomes tattered when drinking citric acid, but in reality, I think that you can understand that this is a complete lie even if you see that there are so many people who have been drinking citric acid for more than 20 years.

Citric acid certainly works as an acid up to the stomach, but when it goes down from the stomach to the intestine, it is neutralated by baking soda secreted from the intestine, becomes soda citrate, is absorbed into the body, enters the blood, goes around the body, and is taken into the cell tissue.
This sodium citrate is no longer acid at all, so it has no effect on the bone at all.
However, if it attaches to the tooth when drinking, it will work as an acid, so please note that if it adheres to the tooth for a long time, it may damage the tooth. I think that there is no problem if it washes it off with water.

〇 How to drink my citric acid by symptom
(1). In case of allergy of infants,
about 5 g of citric acid (powder) is dissolved in water or milk and placed in a baby bottle, and it is made to drink more than 10 times a day. The interval between drinks should be within 2 hours.

(2). In case of asthma or allergy in
infants, take about 5 to 10 g of citric acid (powder) in 6 to 8 times and ~10 times per day.
In the case of schoolchildren, drink about 1 g of citric acid (powder) at the end of class at school. The same is for junior high and high school students.
When you go to school, you can drink about 1-2g every 2-3 hours.

(3). In the case of adult
diseases, drink about 2 g of citric acid (half of a slice with a 5 g plastic spoon) at least 6 times a day.
If possible, let them drink 8-9 times a day every 2 hours in the first month. ※ If 2g is impossible, it is no use less than that.

(4). In the case of terminal cancer or
ine difficulty (1). Every hour or an hour and a half, about1,5 to 2 g is allowed to continue 13 to 15 times a day for one month.
(2)Dissolve 15-20g in 800-1,000ml of water and let it continue for a month to drink about 1 cup 20-30 times a day instead of water or tea. ※ The minute you make, you should finish drinking within the day.

● How to drink general citric acid for my disease treatment
(1). About 2 g once a day, 12 hours after meals and between meals
(2). About 2 g at a time 7 times a day, after meals and between meals, 14 hours
(3). Every 2 hours, about 1,5 g at a time 8-9 times a day, 16-18 hours
(4). Every hour, about 1 g at a time 13 to 15 times a day, 15 to 17 hours
(5). Every 30 minutes, about 0,5 g is 26 to 30 times a day, 15 to 17 hours
※Because the longer citric acid works in the body, the greater the effect.
However, do not stick to 2g at a time. I can't help but drink the amount I can drink.

(1). If you get used to it, you can naturally increase the amount once.
(2). How to drink is not erusity in any way. In addition, the effect does not change. (3) If symptoms such as rash, heart cancer, stomach pain, etc. appear
on the way, immediately halve or less the amount once. However, the number of times is not changed.
(4). The more severe the number of times.
(5). In general, (1) and (2) are used, and sometimes (3).
(6). 2 g of citric acid is half of a 5 g plastic spoon (in powder).

7. Even acute and chronic illnesses produce good results

I think that the effect will be immediately effective for acute patients when citric acid is used, but in the case of chronic diseases, it seems that it is necessary to drink for a possible long period of time in order to restore natural healing power and correct the deteriorating trajectory.
In this case, the effect may not be very noticeable at first, but I feel that a clearer effect will always appear gradually.

A patient with liver disease, who is my friend, has been drinking citric acid for two years, but at first I did not see a very clear effect other than improving subjective symptoms, but now, two years later, a glossy luster has appeared on the skin of my face, which has been rusty until now.

Based on my seven years of experience with patients, I am confident that if you understand citric acid and drink it without stopping it on the way, you will always get good results, so I recommend that you continue to drink without giving up.

8. Diabetes is improved with internal use of citric acid

The cause of diabetes is naturally a lack of insulin made from pancreas. Cells have a kind of door called an insulin receptor, which allows glucose to be taken into the body as a source of energy, but it takes
the power of inschlin to pass through this door.

That is, when Inschlin signals to this door, "Open the door", the door opens, and the inschlin and glucose can enter the cell. If this door is full of garbage and does not open even if it signals, glucose cannot enter the cell, and there is no choice
but to go around the whole gurgle in the blood.
When such cells increase, blood sugar level inevitably has no choice but to go up.

In fact, it seems that the case where blood sugar levels rise in this way is more than 90% of diabetes in middle-old and old age.
And this is very well improved by internal use of citric acid.

Of course, it is also possible that the ability to make insulin in the pancreas may increase due to internal use of citric acid, but if a person who is said to have diabetes can be aware of the improvement of symptoms in a very short period of time by internal use of citric acid, it may be thought that diabetes in middle-old and old people is overwhelmingly due to insulin receptor failure, and the failure is quickly improved by citric acid.

〇The greatest gospel of fructose
Next, when the story of diabetes comes out, it is fructose that must be touched.
I think fructose is the greatest gospel for people with diabetes.
This is because fructose is absorbed into the cell, but no inshlin is required.
Therefore, fructose hardly raises blood sugar levels.
In addition, there is no need to pass through the insulin receptor to be taken into the cell.
And also, being taken into cells so quickly means that you immediately enter the citric acid cycle and become energy.

It is okay to use up to 60 g of fructose per day in a person with mild diabetes (12 sticks with 5).
In general, it seems that up to 30g is good because it is not obese.

Moreover, I think that the mother who has the examinee should stop sugar, and give fructose because fructose is very excellent as an energy source of the brain.
In sugar, excessive insulin secretion can cause hypoglycemia and counterproductive effects.

In addition, the sweetness of fructose is 1 or 7 times that of sugar, and when used for simmered dishes, it is as sweet as sugar, so it is better to drive sugar out of the house and switch to fructose at home in families with diabetes.

9. People with high blood pressure clean their trash with citric acid

Humans tend to have high blood pressure with age.
I think many of you suffer from hypertension.
However, if you think about it, I think you can say that high blood pressure is a symptom of the body's response to maintain the body.
The condition in the body increases blood pressure, that is, it is a state in which blood must be pumped to each cell in the body by raising the power of the pump.
It is that there is a state that is forced to raise blood pressure because of some cause.
Therefore, I believe that removing the causes that are causing the condition of hypertension is the first step in treatment. Therefore, it is symptomatic therapy to suppress the symptom that blood pressure is simply high without it,
and it can never become the causal therapy.

The cause of hypertension is (1) the state of the blood vessels (2) the nature of the blood.
In other words, it is difficult for blood to flow.

To explain blood pressure here, the highest blood pressure shows the heart's power as a pump, and the lowest blood pressure indicates resistance of peripheral blood vessels.
In other words, high minimum blood pressure indicates that blood does not pass easily through peripheral blood vessels. Arteriosclerosis is an example.
The symptom that the highest blood pressure is high and the minimum blood pressure is in the normal range is that the resistance of the blood vessel which is thicker than the peripheral blood vessel is larger. That is, it shows that it is difficult to pass.
If you pass through it, the blood flow smoothly flows through the expunged blood vessels, so the minimum blood pressure does not rise.
Vasodilation agents work well against this symptom.
However, even if the medicine works well, it does not change that it is still symptomatic therapy.
I think that it is not possible to do the cause therapy at all.

The cause therapy of hypertension is to
clean the blood vessels and the walls of the blood vessels to make the blood vessels soft and easy to flow blood.
(2) I think that it is to clean the garbage in the cell and change the nature of the blood to the one that is easy to flow.
And because citric acid does all this work, I can say that citric acid therapy is the causal therapy.

10. I think that the current medical system that protects the health of citric acid as a daily friend is a wonderful system, but on the other hand, I think that it is undeniable that the elderly are made to live in the health care system and actively lose the desire
to protect their own health. The fact that citric acid drinking is extremely reduced for people over
70 years old, even in nursing homes, proves this phenomenon.

After all, I think that it is absolutely necessary to protect one's health by oneself, to understand the truth that my natural healing power heals my disease, and to have the desire to process myself at my own risk to grow old promptly.
And I think we are at a time when we must break the notion that older people are sick and sick.
And citric acid is considered a powerful weapon to break that notion.
I declare that if you drink citric acid, clean the garbage in your body, and always try to keep the blood flowing good, you will do everything well with your body.

Please believe that citric acid is a divine medicine and protect your health with citric acid as a daily friend.
I am convinced that it is absolutely possible to grow old quickly if you do so.
I sincerely believe that the road is now being opened. I sincerely hope that you will continue to drink citric acid to believe in the effect of cleaning your body's garbage,
and grow old quickly.

Shiro Saiki: Graduated from Niigata University School of Medicine. An internal medicine physician. Director of Health Management, NTT Kanto Telecom Training Center. Better Life part-time doctor.
When I was a student, I knew Krebs' citric acid cycle theory, but in his book Vinegar is God by Masamatsu Nagata, he knows the internal use of citric acid and thinks that citric acid is the starting point of treatment and health. As a lecturer at "lectures on vinegar (citric acid)" such as aizu club, better life club, and association,
he always appeals for the effect of citric acid from the doctor's point of seeing.

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