Meta Luck

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Use headphones for this subliminal. It uses a technique called hexa contour-quad norral entrement, where I set slightly different pitches for each of the 64 tracks and apply a tremolo effect to individual tracks before splitting them between the left and right ears.

I used iso-time pulses from 0.1 hz to 60 hz, and two more tracks used pulses of 432 hz and 963 hz, so it covers all potential EEG conditions from epsilon to lambda. What I hope to achieve this is that the brain will be able to work at maximum efficiency, regardless of the mind, not only to process all the afamations of mood and EEG conditions, but also to fully process brain synchronization and subliminals the whole time you are listening. It's closest to your current EEG state, so you might find yourself focusing on one of the layers in particular. This is normal and other layers still work in the background, even if you are not consciously focusing on them.

This version can be used at the frequency of the EEG. I've tested it, but it still works. You can't use multiple frequencies at the same time because the ears tend to blend frequencies together to distort the audio. This is not the same limitation as using tones because it uses different effects for pitch, speed, and layers. It's also effective because using mono and isotronic tones or binaural beats from above makes everything sound distinctly different.

Absolute luck (fortune, social luck, love luck, success luck, apparent luck, Gambling luck a
bsolute luck embodim
ent absolute probab
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absolute wish fulfillment abs
olute miracle trigger
absolute variable operation a
bsolute miracle ope
ration absolute dang
er avoidance absolu
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defiance absolute luck up lucky
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e magic absol
ute luck mode of absolute
luck Absolute almighty absolu
te opportunity sense absolute
Path to success Absolute person
al blessing Absolute personal bl
essing Absolute economic grac
e Absolute social blessing A
bsolute success blessing Abso
lute love blessing Absolute c
urse immune absolute misfo
rtune exasupmunity absolute r
ule bending absolute self
-sufficiency absolute Situationa
l synchronization absolute individua
l probability manipulation Creat
ion of absolute possib
ility induction abs
olute possibility induc
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ivity Absolute freedom The embodime
nt of absolute miracle embodimen
t of absolute desire Manifestati
on of absolute desire Absolute f
inancial manifestation Absolute
financial man
ifestation Absolute monetary man
ipulation Absolute gold ma
nipulation Embodiment of absolute money manip
ulation Absolute immunity absolute manife
station induction absolute pr
obability field creation for poverty

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