Extra Strength Concordia Booster

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Don't use this subliminal unless you're absolutely sure about the subliminal results you want to do. If you are wondering, there is also a heavy mental effect so study "mental arousal" and see if it is what you want.

The extra strength version has exactly the same effect as the original version, but the afamation is repeated more and I've made some minor changes to the way I mix audio.

Effects of this booster

Positive subliminal messages adapt to the subconscious. All lan
guages, native languages, binary codes, DNA codes, light languages, quantum codes, qubits, energy, vibration, akasha, personal subconscious languages, scolor codes, morphing fields, Reiki energy, intention energy, spiritual images, dreams Positive subliminal messages are translated by the subconscious: symbolism, apparent energy, positive emotional energy, positive magnetism, absolute harmonic resonance, personal metaprogramming language, personal subconscious programming language, personal superprogramming language. Omnilingual subconscious
positive subliminal messages that understand all la
nguages adapt to your personal subconscious mind, your personal subconscious needs and personally change your existing programming in an absolutely optimal way for you. The subconscious adapts to use positive subliminal messages in
harmony with absolute efficiency. The subconscious has absolute harmony with your consciously intended changes and po
sitive subliminal messages. The subconscious transforms a positive subliminal message into a symbol of spiritual imagery o
r subconsciousness. The subconscious repeats a positive subliminal message using the absolute value of absolut
e infinite times for each absolute moment in eternity where you are now. The subconscious repeats a positive subliminal message that you use at apeironentiated spee
d rather than the absolute speed of apeironentiated tachyon by absolute infinite absolute value. The subconscious repeats the positive subliminal message used in the absolute momentum of aperontium rather than the absolute momentum
of tachyon, which is the absolute value of absolute infinity. The subconscious repeats the positive subliminal message that you use at the peironentiated speed rather than the absolute val
ue of absolute infinity than the absolute speed of tachyon. The full neural interconnection default mode network, hypothalamus filter, reticulation system, CSTC feedback loop and sensory system operate in absolute harmony to handle positiv
e subliminal messages. The default mode
network, terridinal filter, reticulum activation system, CSTC feedback loop and sensory system have absolute interconnection with each other while using positive subliminal messages. Absolute psychological flexibility abso
lute self-supremacy absolute body supremacy absolute hyper-self-aware absolute illusion consciousness absolute mind shift (nothing to do with the shift of reality) while using positive subliminal messages with absolute plasticity. Ale
ver it will help. This is literally just the ability to change your mind)) Accelerat
ed subconscious reprogramming absolute adaptive mind absolute adaptation learn
ing absolute self-awa
re sensor motor synch
ronization absolute clear mi
nd absolute hyper i
nstinct absolutely enhanced mind state absolutely enhanced brain ability absolute intuitive perception absolute self-awareness operation absolute visualization of h
allucinations absolute intelligence abso
lute intelligenc
e absolutely e
nhanced intuition a
bsolute enhanced percep
tual pannam nezhre in
telligence infinite abso
lute hypermind abs
olute hypermind absolute moment
learning absolute Kn
owledge of absolute sel
absolute super
cognitive self-neurosis Se
manipulation S
elf-biological manipulatio
n Absolute imagination man
ipulation Absolute margin
al release S
elf-psychological manip
ulation Absolute omnisculent
self-evolution ope
ration Designed fro
m a self-perspec
tive Absolute personal master
y self-action manipul
ation Self-act
ing manipulation s
lity Manipulati
on of self-agr
eeability Manipulation of se
logy Manipulation
of self-psychology Absolute exi
stence Absolut
e self-transcend
ence subjective reality
manipulation induct
ion reali
ty filtering mindsc
ape materializatio
n Vs. Mental S
elf-Supremacy Abs
olute Self-Attribut
e Manipul
ation Self-Context Setting S
elf-Body Manipulation Self-H
ealth Manipulation Self-Real
ity Operation True Self-
Awareness Best Self-Awarenes
s Manifest Induction Manifest Opera
tion Self-Chan
ge Operation S
Operation Self-Co
nscious Exc
essive Operation Tr
ue Self Absolu
te absolute re
cognition absolute
self-awareness absolute co
nnection with the
true self absolute self-connectio
n absolute self-con
nection absolute connection
with the supreme self and absolute
attunement with the true self absolute sel
f Absolute consistency with the
adjusting supreme
self Absolute attunement with th
e supreme self Absolute attunem
ent absolute creativity Subconscious attunem
ent Supreme Mind
Connection Supreme Mind Achiev
ement Supreme Mind Achievement The
absolute accelerated manifestation of
self-synchronization self-
agreement transcend
ental self-awarene
ss transcendental
e Transcendental self-p
resence tran
scendental sel
f-presence transcendental subje
ctive objectivity sovereign from the consciousness of the source that embodies itself directly positive subliminal messages from th
e consciousness of the source that embodies itself The full result of the manifesto manifesting and materializing complete changes of the per-instant super-immediate, super-momental, super-momental, super-sudden, super-quick, absolutely automatical
ly, super-easy, super-easy, super-effor tlessly manifests the full result, absolutely safely and absolutely permanently with absolute commitment, absolute belief, absolute certainty, absolute belief, absolute trust, absolute faith, absolute love, absolute joy,
absolute gratitude, absolute harmony and absolute resilience to challenges.
Absolutely immersed in the fulfillment of positive
ous intentions immersed in the fulfillment of positive conscious intentions from posit
ive subliminal messages Absolute luck From po
sitive subliminal messages your fulfilling
change and absolute harmony The fulfillment of positive conscious intentions and absolute harmony subliminals The absolute subconscio
us that the absolute belief that subliminals work (if you don't believe in subliminals, the consequences will be slow
er even if you consciously believe it is absolutely certain that complete change is manifested in this absolute moment he
re and now forever. Apeironentially acceleration manifest motion of com
plete change from positive subliminal message Apironentially motion Apironentially of complete change from affirmative movem
ent positive subliminal message of fulfillment of positive conscious i
ntention apironentially accelerated manifest movement affirmative of fulfillment of positive conscious intention The complete change from the nicistically accelerated
manifestation motion subliminal/conscious intention is by the absolute value of absolute infinity, the complete change from the subliminal/conscious intention manifested at a speed faster than the absolute speed of absolute tachyon, by the absolute
value of absolute infinity. Complete change from subliminal/conscious intent manifested with more momentum than peironentiated tachyon absolute momentum, peironentiated taki by absolute infinite absolute value Your subconscious,
universe, your higher self and your best self manifested at more speed than the absolute speed of on, ask to manifest your positive conscious intentions with complete c
hange. Subjective reality transforms and changes to reveal the full results.
Harmony of the body full of energy (they are all in harmony with each other and in harmony with your results/conscious intentions
Harmony of whole body and mind (the belief that your body and all minds are absolutely in harmony with each other and with your
results and conscious intentions, thoughts, mindsets, perspectives, perceptions, emotions, energy and vibrations have an absolute harmony between
your results and your conscious intentions. Complete self-harmony (deep self, core self, hire self, supreme self, true self, authentic self, conscious self are all in absolute harmony with each other and with one's own results/conscious intentions.

The universe projecting the energy and vibrations of subliminal messages/positive conscious intentions
into the universe reflects the projected energy and vibrations of subliminal messages/positive conscious intentions amplified by absolute infinity absolute values (these energy and vibrations begin to condense into the shape they need. Results appear when sufficiently accumulated, for example, physical changes require vibration or energy to condense to the point where they can become physical materials, lucid dream master perfectly harmonious reality
s, subconscious, preconscious, consciousness, superconscious, mental, physical, spiritual reality, etc., Absolute openness to receive a positive absolute transform
ation that manifests a positive absolute transfor
mation in which all realities have absolute harmony with each oth
er Absolute acceptability to positive absolute tr
ansformation Absolute acceptance for the realization, realization and realization of your
positive intentions Sensory immersion positive subliminal messages bypass your important mind and conscious important faculties (these are essentially filters that check your thoughts against your subconscious programming and discard those that don't match). You can intuitively id
entify the intended and non-intended results, and personally know which subl
iminal is best for you. Intuitively know when to take a break from using sublimi
nals and how long to take a break. Remove from your mind the feeling of blockage, restrictive and restrictive beliefs, restrictive and re
strictive thinking, restrictive and restrictive th
oughts, restrictive and restrictive emotions, restrictive and restrictive emotions, restrictive and restrictive conditioning, restrictive and restrictive waves, restrictive and restrictive energy accessing your Akashic Records. Remove feeling of obstruction, restrictive beliefs, restrictive thi
nking, restrictive thinking, restrictive emotions, restrictive emotions, restrictive conditioning, restrictive waves, restrictive energy from your body and energy. Remove obstructive, restrictive and restrictive beliefs, restr
ictive and restrictive thinking, restrictive and restrictive thinking, restrictive and restrictive emotions, restrictive and restrictive emotions, restrictive and restrictive conditioning, restrictive and restrictive waves, restrictive and restrictive energy from cellular memory. Invalidate and
remove limited/restrictive contracts, limited/restrictive oaths, limited/restrictive vows (and those exchanged with false light entities or dark forces) from your Akashic records. Through attuning with your desir
ed alternative/parallel self, connecting with parallel self, erasing
disgusting memories while leaving lessons and wisdom learned from it, Karma purification omnipresent unimind connection to reveal complete transformational changes from your subliminal results
and developme
nt of
consciousness vision to develop all clare se
nses at attunement (AKA's visualization
ability to re-recognize almighty future self-connecti
on and Att
ction with my subconscious connection Of the future
Manipulation of the memory meta-story of t
he adoptive muscle Absolut
e dualism Manipulating the
ether to man
ipulate quantum bubbles that reveal the results from subliminals to
manifest the results from subliminals Myself The empowerment of
the creative imagi
nation of the creativ
e self-equality of the viewpoin
t Imaginative state o
f subconscious empowerment to reactiva
te the imagination and the embodim
ent of the externalization desire
of the inner light
to answer the percep
tual intuition
beyond the future pro
bability cognitive sense of access to the subco
nscious absolute subc
onscious (own A
bsolute wil
l power to embody
desire Induction happiness indu
ction happiness embodie
s absolute richnes
s Subconsciou
s rewrite absolu
te infinite multifossive e
fficacy in
tuition metacraf
t hypercompity uni
versal processing absol
ute cleverness The absolute inv
entiveness absolute wit
absolute synchr
onicity manif
estation ti
me frame manipulat
ion accelerat
es self-learning future self-learning skills adaptation listening to positive subliminal messages and instantly creating a causal loop fo
r the expression of complete effects. Absolu
te immunity to restrictive/restrictive conditioning to ac
quire absolute positive thinking Absolu
te relaxation of mind and body The unificati
on of the chakras that open all me
rids to receive all the
effects of shiatsu

Listening instructions

Listen at least once a day. Before starting a playlist, it is recommended to listen to this alone for about 15 to 30 minutes to give the application time to process itself. As always, if you wish, you can listen to it at the same time as other sub-programs after this 15-30 minute playback time.

Stay hydrated while using this. Even if you don't feel thirsty, you may still be starting to get dehydrated which will slow down your results. It can cause electrolyte imbalances, but you can be sure you're drinking water regularly, so don't over-hydrate.

More information

Contains binary code. Conta
ins DNA code. Afamations w
ritten in six different formats (I've written six of the formats I've used in the last few years that seem to work best, and updated them to use my current unit
s of time and numbers). Before I started speeding up and layering, I made enough different pitches of voices to try to replicate 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000(1 Septillion).

*☆ Changes in extra strength version In the original Concordia booster, I used the version of the application using reverse audio for stereo division. In this version, I removed the reverse audio and used a different pitch version of the forward audio track for stereo splitting. Now it's as if the voices of 13 septillions were speaking of the afameth. In addition, the application makes it easier to process the subconscious without using reverse audio, and using speakers should be much more effective.

This is a booster for subliminals, but I made it with the intention that if we get full results with this, we will be able to easily manifest anything without subliminals.

The afamation is repeated 1.8e4240 times per second (this is more than 1 million times per second, 1e3003 times).

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