Changes in smoking cessation

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I quit smoking for the first time for about a month. In the same way before, smoking cessation was successful, so I quit easily without any withdrawal symptoms.

The change you feel when you stop smoking

The phlegm is mixed with black things for a while.

It comes out even when smoking, but even if you stop smoking, black things will mix with phlegm for a while.

Do you get fat when you stop smoking?

I was rather skinny.

I might stop smoking and eat a lot of sweet things, or my rice might be delicious and fat, but in my case, I didn't eat anything sweet, and I didn't eat a lot of rice originally, so I didn't get fat.

I don't care about cigarette smoke.

I thought that cigarette smoke smelled and would be disgusting, but rather, there is a feeling that side stream smoke is delicious.

I'm careful about the smell after smoking.

While the smoke is not a problem, it is very sensitive to odors.

The smell of cigarettes remaining in the room

The person who is smoking says that the smell does not come to the room because the window is open, but there is no such thing at all.

It smells normally.

the smell of the breath of a person who smoked a cigarette

And the breath of the person who says so smells the most cigarette

Reduce the financial burden

It's big that the cigarettes don't go away.

People who smoke spend a lot of money throughout the year. If you feel guilty there, you will be unhealthy not only financially burdened but also psychologically.

No fear of health hazards caused by tobacco

I decided to quit smoking because I couldn't ignore the effects on my health in terms of age.

If you investigate the cause of poor physical condition, there are many diseases caused by cigarettes in most items.

Diseases that are more likely to occur depending on age and cigarettes often accelerate, and the health hazards caused by cigarettes are so great that you can lose the mind to smoke.

There are many diseases that are difficult to treat because of tobacco, such as thin gums and alveolar pus leakage, and diseases of the pancreas.

Is there still a purpose to smoke?

Is there still a motivation when you start smoking?

I think there are many reasons why I started smoking when I was young.

Is your motivation still alive?

If you were just sucking because you were influenced by the people around you, wouldn't it be good if you didn't smoke anymore?

Smoking in inertia is accompanied by a sense of guilt and fear that makes you sick.

If you continue to smoke inertia for no big reason, you will fall into a negative spiral, so I think you will almost get sick.


You can stop smoking at any time.

Let's stop right away.

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